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At EFinancial Advisors, we believe that everyone should have access to sound financial advice whether they have assets to invest or not.  Smart$Advice is a monthly subscription based financial advice service offered to individuals who typically don’t have the minimum account size often required to engage a Financial Advisor.  Smart$Advice is ideally suited for millennials, single parent households, mid-career professionals and the largely underserved population who often find themselves needing sound financial advice for making critical financial decisions but have few options available.


Smart$Advice can assist with financial concerns around cashflow/budgeting, debt management, major purchases, retirement and estate planning to name a few.  The subscription cost for enrollment in the Smart$Advice platform starts a $50 a month.  Access to financial advice can be obtained via live office visits, by telephone or virtually through Zoom meetings.


Don't make important financial decisions alone—call us we can help!