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Institutional Investment Management Services

With robust back-office trading support from LPL Financial’s Advisory Consulting Team, EFinancial Advisors is well positioned to provide institutional clients first rate investment management services. Whether serving in the role of Financial Consultant or providing asset management services, we are experienced and understand clearly the fiduciary and regulatory requirements involved in managing money for state, city or local municipalities, pension funds, colleges and universities and publicly supported hospital systems.

Once we have gained a clear understanding of the institution’s Investment Policy Statement(IPS), a plan is constructed reflecting the appropriate benchmarks or measures of performance which are then reviewed and updated periodically to ensure they remain relevant and realistic.

Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving is any major gift made in a person’s lifetime or at death as part of their overall estate or financial planning strategy.

A donor can gift cash, appreciated stock, life insurance, retirement plan, real estate, etc., which can be designed to benefit the charity now or at the death of the donor. Gifting arrangements can be crafted in a number of different ways and in most cases result in a significant tax savings to the donor or donor’s estate.

If you’re an individual, church, college/university or non-profit organization looking to set up a Charitable Trust or make a donation to a Charitable Trust, give us a call. We can assist through LPL Financial’s Private Trust Company or we can work with your legal team.


Donor Advised
Pooled Income
Charitable Gift Annuity

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